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2D vs 3D - Deconstructing the Jargon

For those who work in animation, the terms 2D & 3D make total sense. Aura digital Studios are capable of producing content in both 2D & 3D formats to suit particular client briefs. However, if you're not involved in animation or video production, the terms 2D & 3D may seem like abstract terms. so here's a little explanation for you just in case!


2D videos are produced using flat assets in only 2 dimensions. Any perspective or volume is an illusion created by our talented animation team. These videos are usually faster to produce depending on a range of factors. This style is limited but great for producing stylised work. There is a wide range of techniques for producing 2D animations. All of which work towards different looking outcomes.


3D Videos are produced in 3 dimensions. This opens up a range of possibilities that are impossible/more difficult to pull off with 2D. Such as different camera angles, stylised lighting, depth, simulations, photorealism and more.

This style is great for producing technical/realistic looking content but can often take longer to produce. 3D content can also be manipulated to suit many different looks, even 2D!

Hybryd Content

2D/3D Hybrids are becoming very popular in the animation industry. They allow you to use composited 3D & 2D elements together to create something really funky and stylised! This workflow requires more organisation and time but can produce some really interesting results to set your brand out from the rest! This kind of content can be produced by creating 3D content and bringing it into 2D software, or by bringing 2D Content into 3D software.

3D Content into 2D software

This piece was produced by creating the doll bust and mirror in 3D and was brought into a 2D production software such as Adobe After Effects so that text could be added in front and behind it.

2D Content into 3D software

This video was produced in the opposite way. Our logo was produced in 2D and was brought into a 3D scene in software like Blender. This allows us to accurately simulate reflections and lighting scenarios.

Most animation companies pick a preference, wether they primarily use 3D or 2D. Aura Digital, being a hybrid company have the ability to use both to produce content. This expands our toolkit for animation production and allows us to work smart to meet tighter deadlines and budgets. All this without compromising on the quality of the work.

If you are curious about how we can use 2D, 3D or a hybrid approach to content production feel free to reach out to us here!

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