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AR Peace Wall

"AR Peace Wall is an augmented reality story that explores peace-building between the digital and physical spaces of Belfast and Hiroshima. AR Peace Wall virtually replaces the wall with a symbol of survival, recovery and unity. In Hiroshima, many of the trees affected by the atomic bomb, known as Hibakujumoku, survived heat emitted by the explosion 40 times greater than heat from the Sun. Hibakujumoku optimised hope and peace in the aftermath of the atomic bomb and in rebuilding a razed city. In Belfast we built walls to manage our conflicts, create notions of safety and redefined public spaces into something else. AR Peace Wall explores this polarised approach to peace-building. 2020 represents the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the bomb." - Deepa Mann-Kler, Neon.

AR Peace Wall was a collaboration between Neon, Aura Digital and Yellow Design funded by Arts Council NI. With input by Future Screens NI, Department for Communities, Centre for Democracy and Peace Building and Peace Culture Village.

Download the app

Download the AR Peace Wall at the app below:

Not near the peace walls? No worries! you can view the AR Marker here and still use the app:

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