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VP Futures - Stone Hearts & Careless People

We're happy to announce that Aura has been accepted onto the Production Zone of the VP Futures Program with Future Screens NI and Story Futures.

Aura was selected as part of a cohort of eight leading creative and tech companies from across the UK to be part of the development zone. This could be considered an R&D space for us to explore the limitations and advantages of virtual production. Over the development zone, we've been receiving mentorship by Epic Games and Industrial Light and Magic to build skills in Virtual Production. We're putting this to use for our flagship Virtual Production short film, 'Stone Hearts & Careless People.'

While Virtual Production is a steep learning curve, we quickly realised that Aura has a lot of the skills already in place to contend in that space. Virtual Art Department, Animation, Tech-Vis etc. The learning has been how to bring those skills under the umbrella of 'Virtual Production.'

Of the eight companies, Aura and Sunnyside Productions have gone forward into the production zone to produce our respective projects.

'Stone Hearts and Careless People’ is a supernatural romantic tragedy set in a world similar to our own. A short film, utilising In-Camera VFX and Motion Capture, it follows our protagonist, 'River' as they discover the beautiful tragedy of living.

So far, the project has helped us as a company explore our potential offering as a Virtual Production Vendor for Film and TV. It's also allowed us to speed up workflows in other areas of the business.

Our core team is made up of Josh McAvoy who will be directing the project, Eva Robinson as Virtual Production Supervisor and Sinead Burns as Producer.

Aura Digital is facilitating Virtual Art Department, Brain-Bar, Motion Capture, VP/VFX Supervision and Production in-house.

The production crew is sourced entirely from Northern Ireland talent. Some have Virtual Production experience already, with Aura's core team contributing to upskilling those that do not.

Principal photography is due to start in early August. For more info regarding the VP Futures Program, Click Here.

For future updates on the project, be sure to follow our social media channels.

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