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Virtual Production is an umbrella term used to categorise Realtime tools and techniques used for screen media. VP has applications for Games, Animation and Film & TV.


Traditionally, when working in VFX rendering images takes a long time. Each frame of video needs to be rendered to high quality.

Alternatively, we can utilise video game technology like Unreal Engine to render those images as fast as the human eye can read them. Hense 'Realtime'.

Working in Unreal Engine allows us to interact with the tools we need in Realtime, leading to faster feedback and quicker iteration.

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LED Volume - Stage Operations

Operating virtual environments in realtime means we can utilise LED panels in place of greenscreen. LED doubles as a backdrop and a light source offering reflections, refractions and natural lighting on the subject.

Coupled with realtime camera tracking, we are able to give scenes depth, parallax and realistic motion.

Virtual Camera

Virtual Camera (V-Cam) allows creative leads to envision what the set/location looks like, even before it's physically built. Our creative team can block out both digital and physical set structure in Unreal Engine before it’s constructed, and allow the user to pilot a Virtual Camera around the space.

The Virtual Camera operator can change their filmback, their focal length, pull focus and mark important locations and settings.


Virtual Scouting

Virtual Reality allows directors, actors and creative leads to get a sense of space and what's happening in their scene. VR can be used to quickly block out a scene, art direct virtual spaces and plan for areas you don't have access to yet.

Virtual Art Department

Our Virtual Art Department (VAD) can build realistic virtual environments for use in Film and TV, alongside stylised assets for animation and games. These environments can be rendered out directly from the engine for use on greenscreen or can be operated in realtime for use on LED Volumes.

Scene from Stone Hearts & Careless People, Shot on an LED Volume
Scene from The Flight of Ulick Underhill, Shot on an LED Volume
Scene of a forest shot on an LED Volume

Lo-Fi - Lidar Scanning

Low-fidelity lidar scanning is a great way to quickly populate a 3D Scene with photorealistic background objects and gather spatial data from the physical world.

Training Services

Aura provides bespoke training for industry professionals to take their first step into Virtual Production. Whether you're a producer, looking to know the costs involved or a camera operator curious about the technologies required.

Aura has frequently provided this service alongside the Ulster Screen Academy, to skill up Belfast's local crew.

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