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"The Way To Go" Commercial

March 2023

The 'The Way To Go' TV Commercial for DfE Vocational Qualifications Is produced by Armchair & Rocket for Navigator Blue. The commercial was produced using In-Camera-Visual-Effects (ICVFX) making it the first of its kind shot in Northern Ireland.

Aura was involved in this project as a Virtual Production vendor for pre-visualisation (Pre-vis) technical visualisation (tech-vis) and virtual art department (VAD).


The production was a single shot, involving high-speed costume/environment transitions. This required innovative techniques and tight choreography between Brain-Bar, Talent and the Camera and Lighting team.

Our client's brief was to showcase possible vocational qualifications available in Northern Ireland. We achieved this using multiple environments that blend into one another as they rotate around the cast. 

Production Partners:

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