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The Metaverse & Me


The Metaverse & Me


'The Metaverse & Me', created by Deepa Mann-Kler, Neon and Aura Studios, features ten artworks that combine cutting-edge digital animation with a stunning soundtrack. Each painting contains a virtual show that remains hidden until viewed through a mobile phone or tablet. Each painting comes to life to reveal a hidden narrative. The Metaverse & Me is creativity and technology intersecting in Northern Ireland today. Funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Indie Cine Tube - Winner 2023

Dreamz Catcher - Winner 2022

FIVARS - Official Selection 2023

Cornwall Film Festival - Official Selection 2023

Stereopsia - Crystal Owl 2023

Poppy Jasper - VR Showcase 2024

Lift-Off Global Network - Official Selection 2023

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