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What Is It?

Voyage AR - HMS Caroline is an Augmented Reality Experience built to highlight and preserve the heritage of the HMS Caroline, docked in Belfast's Titanic Quarter. The app is being developed as part of the Maritime Mile Challenge fund with Hub-In, Belfast City Council and the Maritime Belfast Trust.

Ways to Experience Voyage AR

Ways to experience

Core Purpose

Core Purpose

Preserving Heritage

STORIES Our team of researchers have gathered interesting, local stories about HMS Caroline and the people aboard the ship. Voyage AR will democratise these stories and bring them to life in AR.


ARTEFACTS Our team have photo-scanned several real-life artefacts from the ship to be viewed from the comfort of your home.

©The National Museum of the Royal Navy


Connecting People

1. Local Communities

Focusing on local stories and the impact HMS Caroline has had on Belfast. Coupled with a user experience that encourages footfall along the Maritime Mile.

2. Wider Reach

Exploring the importance of HMS Caroline, connecting Belfast to important international events and what that means for tourism.

Technology Used

Technology Used

Niantic Lightship

We are harnessing the location-based capabilities of Niantic Lightship to place AR Content in the physical world. All without the need to download our app.

Get out your phone, walk the trail and find out what HMS Caroline has to offer.

Unreal Engine

We are harnessing the beautiful realtime rendering technology of Unreal Engine 5 to build the hub of our AR Experience.

Download the app, built for Android and IoS to see unique experiences aboard the ship and view high detail artefacts wherever you are in the world. 

More Information

More Info

About the Maritime Mile Challenge Fund

Developed by Belfast City Council’s City Innovation Office, in partnership with the Maritime Belfast Trust, the fund is part of the Belfast HUB-IN (Hub of Innovation) project.

HUB-IN is all about exploring how digital innovation can help to

sustain, enhance, and preserve the rich and unique heritage along Belfast’s Maritime Mile which connects key attractions, sculptures and viewing points on both sides of the River Lagan.

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